Top Digital Marketing Trends For Small Businesses To Compete With Big Business

How To Use The Latest Techniques To Market My Small Local Business Online In 2017


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Building An Entity And Not Just A Website Is What Will Help Small Businesses. You must learn the top digital marketing trends for 2017 to create an entity that will survive stiff competition. 

Here is how the small startup companies can compete with the larger national brands. Companies such as Walmart and Amazon have a solid foundation in the country regarding the share sales they receive. For smaller businesses operating both locally and online to survive in a world ruled by Global corporations, you need to use your size as an advantage. A key factor in building a brand online that converts and captures an outstanding share of the local online marketplace, you must create an entity that both the public and Google can trust. Try to follow all of our information to learn how to do SEO for your new business website. 

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The Times And Rules Have Changed:

A few years ago a website ranking high in organic search results would have been at the top of the search results, but things have changed. In 2017, the high-ranking pages in organic Google results have been pushed further down the page by paid ads, knowledge panel, reviews, photos and other online entities. To sum it up, you need to use a broad range of tools to show up higher on Google, just having a sound website from an SEO standpoint will not cut it regarding competing with Amazon. 

If you want your small business e-commerce store to stay be found online by locals you need to focus on building not just a website but an entity. Try Googling something, and you will find plenty of results available other than your site. In the new age of online search, you will find:

  1. Mobile Results
  2. Voice Search Results
  3. Knowledge Graphs
  4. More Ads

A lot of the results that show up in a local search are a result of your on-page local SEO, Local data, Citations and Customer Engagement. To beat larger national brands, you must focus on creating a hyperlocal and pleasant experience your customers. It is often difficult for a large national retailer to engage with the people in your town at a personal level. As a local brick and mortar business, you know the latest news and trends in our neighborhood. Corporations will not communicate as quickly as a locally located business in your city or town. 



What Are The Best Small Business Internet Marketing Tips?

You must create a trustworthy online entity to grab your share of customers away from Amazon. There are tasks you must complete both on and off your business website to build a brand that stands out and survives. 


Focus On The Best Ways To Let The Community Know Your Focus:

1. You need to create official web pages that Google can trust. The big brands such as Amazon or Walmart will beat you in backlinks, so you need to have a solid page regarding optimization. Make sure you use Schema data, good header tags,  an optimized Google My Business account, consistent NAP, list proper hours and embed a Google Map showing your Riverview address. 

You must build up your brand everywhere online to succeed; this sends the search engines the correct signals. You need plenty of social media accounts, blogs, and even a YouTube channel. YouTube is an essential tool that you can use to capture the local audience. 

2. Customer reviews will mean a lot in your local SEO rankings. Your client reviews are vital to beating out national companies, the real part of being small and local is that you have the ability to respond to reviews quickly. Google has been known to monitor the keywords that your customers use in reviews so make sure you get reviews often. The keywords that Google can register from the reviews you receive gives the search engines a hint at what your business topic and theme. If Google knows your subject and topic, you will build authority and rank easier. Reviews are a great way to engage with your community; you can keep in touch with your customers and make them feel special. 

3. Your citations and location data must be consistent and accurate everywhere online. Citations are mentions of your business online. Having citations are significant indicators to search engines about the area of your business. Make sure you list your name, address and phone number (NAP) the same everywhere online. You must keep your NAP consistent on your website, social media, Yelp, Yellow Pages and anywhere you have your contact information listed. You can build your citations or hire a company such as Brightlocal to make them using data aggregators. Aim for hyperlocal Riverview citations that Amazon will not take the time to focus. 

It is crucial to make sure your data on Google My Business is accurate without errors. Google My Business is a primary tool to get found by locals in proximity searches. 

4. Backlinks will always matter in search engine optimization and your webpage showing up above larger businesses in the search results pages. Having more backlinks than a big company is a hard feat, possibly impossible. An intelligent move to make to build-up localized signals is to create local backlinks. Aim to make local relationships with fellow businesses and publications with the goal of getting a link to your website listed on a local site. 


What Is Need To Stay Competitive With Big Corporations.


Amazon: Larger corporations will almost always beat you in backlinks.

Your Small Businesses: Your local shop will have a few benefits over the Amazon Corporation in regards to SEO. 

As a smaller entity, you can:

1. Address website errors quicker than a global business.
2. Respond to reviews faster.
3. Have less work to do regarding repairing errors in citations.
4. Being local and in the community is a huge benefit, it is easier for a small business to engage with the community.

The key is to build your brand into an entity; this involves letting the world know the theme of your website by creating citations and engaging with customers. What your customers say online about your brand is watched by Google, search engines register what your customers say and factor the chatter into what they think about your business. 

The best way to compete with Amazon, Walmart, and other massive companies is to stay up to date with the latest trends in the world of search. Visit our website and read our blogs, you will learn what it takes to be the thorn in the side of massive companies. Make sure to be highly engaging in social media, with reviews, and in the community. A good idea to get customer reviews is to create a page on your site dedicated to generating customer reviews, just like we did on our page. 

Do your research and execute with local keywords and terms that only nearby local people would know. You can blog about upcoming events and talk about the news in town. If you include keyword strings that only residents would use in your text, then you will be found online by your neighbors. 

Be human can connect with the customers because what your customers say about your brand online plays big into your website rankings. There are things Amazon can do better than your small business, but there are things you can do better, you can connect with the people in your neighborhood.