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Knowing the correct SEO steps for new websites can be critical for entrepreneurs looking for ideas to capture local traffic online. You can look up complete digital marketers courses online or even check out SEO tutorials for beginners, but if you want web exposure fast for your new business, you must watch this video to the end. Getting your business website to the top of Google can generate a steady stream of highly targeted customers. 

There are steps you must take at the beginning stages of your new start-up business that can take you to the top of the local search results. Performing proper research can help save you digital marketing pitfalls in the future. Search engine optimization must be a critical factor in the design strategy and planning of a new website from start to finish. 

Before you begin to think about how you can improve your website from an SEO standpoint, it is important to remember what your desired outcome is. - (Source -

How Do I Create An SEO Plan?

first time business owner looking for more web traffic

first time business owner looking for more web traffic

Give Your New Brand A Voice With These 16 Local Web Exposure Tips. 


Learning how to beat the local competition with search marketing can lead to a successful business and website. You must learn to build a brand online that will dominate the local search market. 


  1. When you brainstorm ideas about your new business ventures you have to pick an excellent website address; make sure the name of your business can match the name of an available URL. When selecting a new website address for your company make sure you check online to make sure that it is not in use anywhere, even on social media profiles. Knowing how to start a business and having a solid plan can help you dominate the local search market online.  SEO for new websites can be tricky, but the payoff is well worth the hard work. 
  2. N.A.P. is a term that you will become very familiar with; your N.A.P. is your:
    1. Name
    2. Address
    3. Phone Number

    Your name, address, and phone number must be listed the same everywhere online; you must stay consistent because you can ruin your local search engine optimization efforts by using inconsistent N.A.P. in citations and accounts. 

  3. Set up a Google My Business account as soon as possible; remember to use your correct N.A.P. when setting up your profile. After setting up your GMB account, you must verify it by mail.  GMB account verification is critical and cannot be overlooked; you will get a postcard in the mail with a verification code that you can enter into your account. Your Google local business listing optimization can get you in the local 3-pack, which is above the organic search results. 

    When you fill out you are My Business profile:
    1. Make sure you fill out the complete profile. 
    2. Add your new business to the proper categories; you can even research the categories that your competitors use. 
    3. Add the appropriate contact information and use the consistent name, address, and phone numbers. 

  4. As crazy as it may seem, the type of phone number you use for your new website online matters, try to stick to local phone numbers and do not use toll-free 1 800 phone numbers. When you use a local area code for your online digital marketing presence, you send Google signals that you are a local business. 

  5. You are not just building a website online; you are making a brand. You will find that when you create a brand, it becomes easier to rank for specific keywords, especially locally targeted terms. Building a brand gives you domain authority, which is very important when it comes to outranking the local competition online. 

  6. Your new website must be a high-quality website in the eyes of Google. There are many factors to being a high-quality site, but some of the main ones are being secure, being mobile friendly, having a fast website, and being trustworthy. When people arrive at your website online, they must find the answers to their questions and end their search session. "Terminating The Search" is vital because when people land on your page, get the answers to their questions and leave the search process; this tells the search engines that you have answered the questions and satisfied your web visitor. New websites must be useful to web visitors; you must make your website solve problems. "Terminating The Search" is critical in letting Google know your website is useful to your web traffic. 

  7. One of the most basic and essential tasks that you can do as a new business owner online is to put your target city/town in your website title, make sure you put your city/town in the website title and at least the  <h1> tags. 

  8. Adding locally relevant content to your content is amazingly useful. You can add nearby towns, landmarks, local news, and events. I often search Wikipedia for my target town and pull information from the content listed on Wiki. Try to be as hyper-local as possible. 

  9. Build as many social media profiles as you can, remember to use the appropriate N.A.P. when setting up your accounts. Socal media marketing is a great way to gain traction in organic search page results because you can increase social signals, which is a prominent ranking factor. When dealing with your many social media followers, try to be engaging as possible by asking and answering questions. Remember to seek out local groups and networks that are on your website topic and theme. 

  10. Links will always be the dominant ranking factor; you must build high quality and hyper-local backlinks because you will notice your website climbing in the rankings as you grow your link profile.

  11. Citations and local citations will help you build a local presence for your new company. Sites such as Yelp, Yellow Pages, Foursquare, and even Yext are an excellent start to grow your citation profile. Companies such as Whitespark, Brightlocal, and Yext can help you get create citations; it is a good idea to target local and national citations to diversify your citation profile. Local citation websites can also help the people in your town find you online because they are usually high domain authority sites that rank very well. 

    You can aim for the top citation websites:
    1. Yahoo Local
    2. Yellow Pages
    3. HotFrog
    4. Localeze
    5. Manta
    6. Angie's List
    7. Yelp
    8. City Search
    9.  DexKnows
    10. InfoGroup

  12. Getting your new website listed on the local chamber of commerce site can help build brand authority, exposure, and get you a valuable hyper-local backlink. Joining a local chamber of commerce can also help you develop relationships and potential backlinking opportunities. 

  13. Getting reviews can help you regarding better web search optimization and local exposure, generating customer reviews can help you build trust for your brand, reviews build positive relationships between you and the community. When you receive reviews for your products or services, it is a good idea to respond to them no matter if they are good or bad, engaging your customers is never a bad idea because it shows them that you care. 

    The more positive reviews you get, the higher your business can rank in SEO, remember to ask your customers for reviews after good transactions. 

    What Is The Best Idea To Get Customer Reviews?
    A compelling and effective way to get customer reviews is to make a review generation page on your website, after a transaction you can include the review page URL in an email or newsletter. 

    Search engines can even monitor the keywords that are left in your reviews to get a good idea about the topic and theme of your business; this helps Google gain an excellent understanding of your website behind all of the complex code. 

  14. Brand new websites usually take a long time to get fully indexed by Google; they are stuck in the "Sandbox" phase where Google does not fully trust your site. Video SEO offers an excellent opportunity to generate local exposure fast because optimized YouTube videos can quickly rank in Google search results. Start-up companies can use YouTube marketing to gain fast rankings while their website SEO efforts grow over time. YouTube is a powerful way to market with low investment.  

  15. No matter what your market or sell, there are groups that are interested. Search social media for groups that might want to purchase from your website, you can engage and even drive sales leads by talking to people in niche groups online. 

  16. If you want to start a brand and grow your business online, you must begin to work fast because SEO can take months to show results. 

  17. Follow the best SEO blog for small businesses to stay up to date in all of the latest trends. 

How do I do website SEO for my business? Watch this video and follow all of the information step by step. 

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