Small Business Search Marketing And Intent Based Audience Targeting.


Small business needs an edge to beat the local online competition both online and offline. Cyber Reach SEO has some of the most competitive plans and packages to get your organization at the top of the local marketplace. Getting more local web traffic than the competition takes new methods and techniques such as voice search and artificial intelligence optimizations. 



I Want To Understand Why And How Internet Searchers Find My Small Business Website?


The key to surviving in the future is to understand how and why your local visitors find your website. When people go online and search for your website, smart marketers must provide the right kind of material that will satisfy the searchers intent. Just bringing someone to your website will not achieve any of your goals they do not convert. 


How People Search Online?

There are three types of search queries.

  1. Navigational
  2. Informational
  3. Transactional


Navigational: The navigational state is when someone goes online and searches for a specifically targeted website such as "Cyber Reach SEO." Navigational searchers can be "brand searches" which are a considerable ranking factor for small businesses. 

Informational: When a person is performing an informational search, they are trying to get the best answer to a particular question such as "How Can I Find Internet Marketing For My Website?". Informational content can be structured around answering questions that you think customers might ask online. You can create FAQ pages or use voice search geared material to capture informational search request. 

Transactional: Transactional content is acquired when someone performs a web search with the hopes of buying your products. If you sell, you can use "purchasing operators" and phrases in your content. 

Purchasing Search Operators:

1. Purchase
2. Buy
3. Invest

Purchasing Search Phrases:

1. Where can I buy?
2. Get Quotes.
3. Best Place To Purchase.
4. Review The Best.

Your content has to be intent based, based on the search purpose of your website visitors.  Understanding how and why people might be looking for your site online might give you a good idea of how to construct your content


Understand Why People Search Online:

1. Who
2. What
3. When
4. Why
5. Where





Do Queries: Search queries that command action

  • [get seo]
  • [online seo services] - Looking for SEO services
  • [buy seo plans] - Wants to purchase SEO services



Device Action Queries: Used when searching from devices


[Call SEO company] - User wants to make a call.

  • call company phone
  • place a call to company or service
  • ok Google, could you please call "type of company"


[Send A Message] - User wants to send a message.

  • send a text to "business type"
  • send a message to "business type"
  • text "business type"
  • text "business type"


[Navigational Information] - Requesting directions or map info.

  • Get map info 
  • Get directions
  • Get Traffic Info
  • Navigate to "type of company or service"
  • Show me a map "targeting your service"
  • Open maps for "your business type"




Selling E-Commerce Products And Services?

If you are trying to sell your products, it is a good idea to use the much transactional content. Commerce websites must structure material so that the general theme of the site is transactional. 

Don't Confuse Google With Your Content:

Many small business website owners trying to sell can sometimes confuse Google because they have very little PRODUCT content and a lot of INFORMATIONAL CONTENT about their business. Search engines work to understand a website as a whole so if you have very little PRODUCT content but a lot of INFORMATIONAL content, you sales website can be misinterpreted as being a blog. If Google thinks your store is a blog you will show up in search engine results with informational blogs and not online stores. You want your e-commerce site to appear in transactionally related search engine results. 


 Case Studies, Research, And Development.

Case Studies, Research, And Development.


How Can I Get More local Website Visitors?


When competing with your local competition for the top spots on top of the search engines, succeeding and not-succeeding can be a matter of being on the first page or the second page of Google. If you want more website visitors, you will get a majority of the web traffic were at the same token if you are on the second or third page of Google there is a chance that no one will ever find your business. 



Investing In Smart Optimization Is A Must.

Investing in intelligent search marketing packages means investing in the latest trends, strategies, techniques, and digital marketing data. SEO can be highly technical, analytical, and challenging so you need an agency such as Cyber Reach SEO to handle all of your internet marketing needs. Entrepreneurs can put their trust in our research, plans, and our work. 


Optimizing a small business website involves making a series of minor changes to the code and the layout of the site. When many code optimization tasks ads up, they create an elaborate website that will win in search results pages. Entrepreneurs may not see all of the work that goes into crafting a compelling site optimization plan, but they will look at the results; business owners will see their Google rankings increase. 


Google Is The King Of Search:

The reason many of our Agency efforts are worked on getting ranking high on Google is that Google controls the majority of the search market. If your business gets ranked high on Google, you will get more website impressions than if you were ranked on all other search engines combined. 

Google Accounts For Almost 68 Percent Of All Search Traffic.


Contact our company if you want to start to outrank the other businesses in your town. 




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