Small Business YouTube / Video SEO Services

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Small Business YouTube / Video SEO Services


We Will Optimize Your YouTube Video To Show Up High In Search Results. 


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Have Your Small Business YouTube Video Show Up High On Local YouTube Search Results.



  • This plan also includes YouTube Channel Optimization.
  • Have Your Small Business Video Show Up High on YouTube And Google Search Results
  • Results Can Be Seen In As Little As One Day Depending On Competition
  • Videos Targeting Local Plan-Based Audiences Can See Results Quickly
  • Optimized YouTube Channels can lead to local sales leads.



This is a powerful way to get local business exposure on YouTube And Search Engines. We can perform actions on your YouTube videos so that your videos show up high in search results on both Youtube and Google. Our site marketing plans can rank your business high in local results, view all of our services. We also capture voice searchers, for example, we use FAQ in the video description. 


Your Company YouTube Videos Can Show Up At The Top Of The Search Results In YouTube And Google. Can Your Business Use More Localized Exposure And Sales Leads?


Your Videos Will Increase The Local Exposure Of Your Small Businesses



Great For:

  • Local Business Owners With YouTube Videos.


This Local Video SEO Plan Includes Optimization Of:

  • Title
  • Channel And Playlists
  • Descriptions
  • Tags
  • YouTube Advanced Settings
  • Translations
  • Video Keyword Optimization
  • Catagory
  • Video Location
  • Subtitles and CC
  • Cards
  • Endscreen And Annotations
  • Audio
  • Thumbnail
  • Enhancements And Editing


  • Video SEO Is A Great Way To Have Your Video Show Up When Someone Searches For What You Offer On Youtube
  • Optimized Videos Even Rank In Google Organic Search Results
  • You Can Drive Your Local YouTube Visitors To Your Small Business Website
  • Optimized Videos Can Appear In Search Results The Same Day As Opposed To Typical Websites

This Service Can Get Your Video At The Top Of Google Search Results.

YouTube Is The Second Largest Search Engine And Get Billions Of Views Daily


  • Great For Local Recognition On YouTube
  • Local Businesses Can Benefit Greatly From Targeted Website Visitors On YouTube

How We Get Access To Your Video (Brand YouTube Accounts):


This Is What You Must Do To Give Us Access To Work On Your Youtube Account:

You must give us access to your YouTube account for us to optimize your videos, this only gives us partial control of your channel. Youtube Has A Change channel owners & managers page demonstrating how to give proper permissions. 

By listing Cyber Reach SEO as a manager, you are giving us limited access to your account which is the preferred method. Assigning us as a manager does not give us the ability to change your Google Or YouTube account settings. 

Use Our Email:

Follow the simple steps in the video below to allow Cyber Reach SEO limited access to your branded Youtube Account, after we perform the work you can delete us as a manager. 



How To Set Up Your YouTube Brand Account

This Is How To Enable Us To Work On Your YouTube Brand Account

The video demonstrates how to add Cyber Reach SEO as a manager, this gives us the ability to optimize your videos. 



Be Sure To Enter The Email Address as a manager.

If You Do Not Have A Brand YouTube Account, We Can Still Work On Your Video



How We Get Access To Your Video (Non-Brand YouTube Accounts): Just regular accounts

If you do not have a brand account, we can send you the text to enter into your YouTube Titles, Descriptions And Tags. 

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