Small Business Data Code Optimization Service

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Small Business Data Code Optimization Service


Structured Data Optimization Of Your Website Code.

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Structured Data / Open Graph Data Optimization For Small Business Websites


Structured Data Gives Google A Better Understanding Of Your Code. 


Structured data (Schema) plans help search engines get a better understanding of your website, which raises your site in search engine rankings. Adding structured data to certain parts of your website can lead to you being featured on the web in a more interactive an appealing way for the search engines and people searching for your business online. 

Open Graph Data / OG Data gives your webpage great functionality when being shared on social media platforms. If you do not have OG Data in your site code and your website is shared on social media, the users will just see a text and a text link; with open graph data in your code, the users will see an image card, writing, and a link back to your website. Open Graph Data will make your site more appealing when shared on social media. OG Data is a powerful way to promote your business and can be paired with our content writing plans. 


What Types Of Structured Data Can We Add To Your Website?

  1. Schema Coding
  2. JSON-LD (JavaScript Object Notation for Linked Data)
  3. Micro-Data (Rich Snippets)
  4. Open Graph (OG Data)
  5. Twitter Cards


Structured data may seem complicated, but all you have to know is that when Cyber Reach SEO codes structured data into your webpage, you will better the indexability of your small business. 

Structured Data Can Be Applied To Many Elements Of Your Website. 

You can have many website elements coded into your website in HTML text, but when you encrypt aspects into your site using structured data, your website becomes more appealing to search engines and people. Structured data gets you ranked higher in search results, especially local search results. 

Let's take a look at where structured data can be applied:

  1. Address
  2. People
  3. Events
  4. Organizations
  5. Products
  6. Services
  7. Videos
  8. Reviews
  9. Contact Information
  10. Local Business Information
  11. Geo-Coordinates

It is code like JSON-LD that gets you ranked higher in Google results above the competition. 


 JSON-LD Get's You Placed Higher In Google Maps Rankings. 

JSON-LD Get's You Placed Higher In Google Maps Rankings. 

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