Riverview FL Internet Search Behaviors That You Should Target. 


Riverview Florida is a town located in Hillsborough County FL. With a population of over 70,000, Riverview is growing more every year. Located just south of Brandon, the Tampa Bay Area is becoming more populous, and new businesses are being started daily. You can check the Greater Riverview Chamber Of Commerce for local business information. 


These Valuable Insights Can Help You:

  1. Learn what residents search online and how they spend their money
  2. Learn top interests and search terms
  3. Discover the most popular and well liked Riverview Busineses on social media
  4. Find out the most popular searches preformed online by the people in Riverview




Find Out What The People In Riverview Search For Online?

There are many ways to gather valuable information about people in the Tampa Bay area, a lot of useful data can help businesses customize marketing plans for residents. 

Let's take a look at some Facebook Data that highlights the interest and purchasing behavior of Riverview residents that use Facebook. 


Source: Datalogix, Epsilon, and Acxiom



Riverview Residents Purchasing Behavior: (In Order Of Popularity)

  1. Subscription Services
  2. Household Products
  3. Food And Drink Products
  4. Kids And Children's Items
  5. Pet Items
  6. Clothing
  7. Beauty And Health
  8. Sports Related





How We Primarily Spend Money

  1. Cash - 65%
  2. Credit Card - 35%






How We "Click"

Let's Have A Look At Social Media Clicks; We Can Analyse Click Patterns To Get A Good Idea About How People In Town Behave Online. 


Order From Most Likely To Least Likely:

  1. Clicking Ads
  2. Liking Pages
  3. Liking Posts
  4. Leaving Comments
  5. Sharing Posts
  6. Redeeming Promotions  

"Tip" - As you can see, the people in Riverview love to "Click Ads" vs. Redeem Promotions. When designing a strategy to get local attention, it's a good idea to create clickable ads to drive people to your website. 





What We Use To Browse Online

Many people in Hillsborough County love searching the internet for local Tampa Bay area news. It's interesting how the devices used to search the web change over the years. More people are resorting to using mobile phones more than the typical desktop computer. 

What Do We Use To Search The Web? (Based On Percentages)

  1. Mobile Only - 60%
  2. Desktop And Mobile - 37%
  3. Desktop Only - 3%


Tip: Because most people use mobile phones to search, make sure your website is mobile ready. The exciting fact about mobile searchers is that they are most likely searching for a local business to perform a conversion. A significant percentage of all web searches conducted on cell phones are performed by people looking to purchase at a local store.  When performing search marketing for your small business, it's good to have a good idea about spending habits and interests. 






How-To Find Trending Topics From Hillsborough County to The Tampa Bay Area




Top Trending And Liked Riverview Businesses

What are the top trending businesses on Facebook that the people in Riverview look-up Online? 

  1. The Big Red Barn
  3. Goodson Farms
  4. St. Joseph's Hospital-South
  5. Pinot's Palette - Painting with a Twist
  6. Wayback Burgers
  7. Sunset Grill at Little Harbor
  8. Circles Waterfront Restaurant
  9. Westfield Brandon
  10. Ruskin Family Drive-In

Riverview Facebook users love to "Like" on Facebook, what are the most popular pages liked?

  1. The Big Red Barn
  2. East Coast Pizza
  3. Goodson Farms
  4. St. Joseph's Hospital South
  5. Pinot's Palette
  6. Wayback Burgers
  7. Sunset Grill At Little Harbor
  8. Painting With A Twist
  9. Circles Waterfront Resturant
  10. Ruskin Family Drive-In


You can see that having a local social media presence can help build your brand in the Tampa Bay Area. Many of the businesses that get the most likes and searches can capitalize on that local notary to get more internet traffic




What Do We Look For On Google?

Knowing what is popular in town can be found by using Google Trends. When we focus our search area in our area, we can reveal whats popular. 


Rising Related Searches Submitted To Google: (12 Month Data)

  1. Xscape Theaters Riverview 14
  2. Big Red Barn Riverview
  3. Bridgeprep Academy 
  4. Latin Bistro
  5. Riverview 30 Cap
  6. Resurrection Catholic Church
  7. Twistee Treat
  8. Flow Fitness
  9. Tijuana Flats

Top Search Topics Submitted To Google: (12 Month Data)

  1. Marco's Pizza
  2. Goodrich Quality Theaters
  3. Emergency Evacuation
  4. First Watch
  5. AMC Theaters
  6. Xscape
  7. Movie Theater Building
  8. Appraiser
  9. Nail Salon
  10. Quest Diagnostics  


"Tip": If you own a business or blog, you can use favorite search data as you focus and you can be found online more accessible by people in the Tampa Bay Area. 





Find Popular Hillsborough County Google Interests And Behaviors.

  1. 33568
  2. 33569
  3. 33578
  4. 33579

Facts And Stats:

Area Square Miles: 48 mi²

Average Elevation: 16.08′

Town Population: 71,050 (2010)

Area code: 813

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Riverview, FL 33579
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