Cyber Reach SEO FAQ


1. I ordered an SEO service, what happens next?

After purchasing your internet marketing service, we will contact you via phone to get started collecting all of the information that we need to get your website at the top of the search results. 


2. How long does it take to start seeing results from SEO?

Search engine optimization takes time, but we have a plan. Showing up in the organic results can take a few months, so we use various methods to get your website found in the search results while the organic rankings take their place. We will use hyper-targeting, Video SEO, PPC and even social media to get your online business exposure during the three month period that it takes for the search engines to fully index and trust your website. 


3. What do you need from me at the start of the process?

During the client onboarding, we will collect the login information for your website, social media profiles, and your online presence accounts. 


4. Will any of my information be shared with other businesses?

We will not share any payment information with any other business; we may share your login information for in-case we use outside contractors for backlog work. When you do business with us, your payments will be secure. 


5. My rankings seem to be going up and down, why is that?

When you first get new web content indexed, even though it ranks high it will go up and down in the search results pages because the search engines are testing your original content, after the testing, your material will be placed where it belongs in the results (which is usually high). 






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