Video Local SEO Service

Video Local SEO Service


Get your YouTube video to appear higher in search results on both YouTube and Google search results. Buy affordable Video SEO service for more local exposure. 2019 VSEO Package.

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Video Local SEO Service

Get Your Video Placed Higher In YouTube And Google

VSEO For Local Exposure

Use YouTube To Show In Search Results:

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, and we can grow your local exposure by optimizing your YouTube videos. Optimized to YouTube videos cannot only show up higher on YouTube, but your YouTube videos can show up in regular Google search engine results. Cyber Reach SEO is great at getting your YouTube videos to appear high in Google search results.

Imagine your YouTube video showing up higher on Google than your competitors websites for certain Target Search terms.

Our local maketing experts will create and optimize a YouTube Video for your business.

How Video SEO Helps You:

  • Increase your position on YouTube

  • Get your YouTube video in Google search results

  • Gain local exposure

  • Increase search traffic for your business

  • Beat your local competitors website what's a video that will show up in regular Google search results

An Optimized YouTube Video Is Great For:

  • Promoting your business locally

  • Promoting a product or service

  • Advertising a special event

  • Marketing for holidays are seasonal occasions

  • Gaining targeted web traffic locally

  • Promoting sales or special items

Intent Based Video Marketing

Knowing the intent behind how people search for you online can provide great and tell as to how to construct your marketing strategy. When we optimize your YouTube video descriptions, we will do so in a way that targets the correct audience. so if you are selling something, we will add buyers intent to your video description. Applying the correct audience targeting can get your video in front of the people that matter to you most, the people that are ready and willing to spend money on your business.

Video Keyword Research

Your videos can appear in Google search results but you have more of a chance of getting placed high in search results if your video keywords are correctly researched. When we design your VSEO strategy, we will include geo relevance pointing to your city or town.

We Create The Video For You - Not Upladed To YouTube Yet

This plan works best when we create the video for you and optimize it for better search rankings. The reason we prefer to create a video for you is that when it is uploaded to YouTube it has to upload it in a way for best search practices. When we upload your video we edit the videos filename to better suit your goals.

Types Of Videos We Create:

  • HD 1080

  • Explainer

  • Infographic

  • Cartoon

  • Imagery

  • Video Content

  • Include Your Logo And Brand Colors

  • Include Your Business Info

We Use A Video That You Created - Not Upladed To YouTube Yet

If you have a video that you would like us to use for your local web promotion that will be just great. When we upload your video to your YouTube account we will optimize various parts of the video so that it gets shown on Google and YouTube search results. The YouTube description is a very important part of getting more visibility, we will use the description section to input well-researched and localized content that will get your business in front of the eyes of the people in town.

We Use A Video That You Created - Already On YouTube

If you have a video that's already uploaded to YouTube, we can go into your YouTube account and optimize it so that you appear in the locally driven search engine results.

Don’t Have YouTube - We Can Still Help

If you would like more exposure locally and do not currently have a YouTube account we can still work with you. if you wish we can create a YouTube account for your business or we could host your video on one of our accounts which would still bring you local exposure and visibility.

Video Web Marketing Services are great for growing our business.

Need more local online visibility?

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