Google Maps Advanced Optimization

GMB Advanced Optimization

Roadmap Taken From GMB Academy (source -

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GMB + GMB Landing Page

Month 1 - Branding And Onpage

GMB Optimization - 100% Filled out (daily posts, products and services, reviews, descriptions, photos)
Press Release (CID Inclusion)
Entity Stacks (web 2.0)
Website - Technical - onpage, schema (pop/cora), Local SEO
mini net builds - buy domains and build pages 


Check out this website for great on-page

Month 2 - 
GMB Optimization (posts, reviews, photos, products and services
batchgeo / hubs - Citation stacking
Website link building
GMB shares (CID), drive organic, social, and maybe paid traffic

Month 3 - 
Posts, Reviews, Photos, Products & Services
Press Release
Website link building
Mini net link building to C-Stacks, BatchGEo, site, GMB
Niche Edits to C-Stacks, BatchGEO, site

GMB Shares, drive traffic 


Press Release every 2 to 3 months
Posts, Reviews, Photos, Products & Services 
Website Link Building every month
GMB Optimization (posts, reviews, photos, products & services) every day
GMB shares, drive traffic - every day, month
Mini Net builds
niche edits 


Home Page - Organizational Schema (Entity Validation with authorship, WikiData)

Add Content - Strong Tags (are BOLD in WordPress) and Keyword Placement, Table of Contents format, Title, H1-H6 as needed, Word Count

Run Cora/ - run against top 3 sites, exclude any directories.

Location Page - LocalBusiness (MedicalOrganizato) Schema, Reference:

Include Location Entities like Social under "SameAs", Include location CID and MREID

Schema should include, GPS Coordinates "hasMap" (GMB Location)

Wikipedia Geo Keyword Method:

Input the WIki page of your target city/town into a keyword analysis tool and use the keywords that pop up in your content.

Local Entity - Press Release (naked URL submission only, no anchors) Spine PR - he can be found on

Citations - General, Geo, Niche -

Web 2s Entity (reference VA in phillippines or Web guy

Social - Facebook, Twitter each Location

TRAFFIC:Facebook, CID, CTR, Shares of Locations, Search Traffic


  • ReviewsKeyword Enriched Reviews

  • Descriptions

  • PostsDaily

  • Photos360 Photos - Virtual Tours

  • Services & Products

  • Questions & Answers

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Alpha Level Tips:

Google Maps Customer ID Number (CID):

You should establish your GMB CID Number and use this URL To drive links to your GMB Profile.

Example: Here is our CID Number:

Google Maps CID:

Drive links to this url, just as you would drive links to your website URL.

Use this free Chrome Extension From Gather Up to get your CID Number.

Google Reviews

Positive customer reviews are critical for ranking high in Maps. You can use this form from as a review handout generator.

Review handout generator

You can even share the Google Review Link for your GMB profile:

Get local rankings from what customers say:


You can show up for more local searches based on what your customers say in the reviews, it helps to get the customers to use keywords in the reviews.

Hashtags in reviews: There has been some news that putting hashtags in the reviews drive more visibility. #reviews

Google Posts:

When you make a GMB post, make sure you include your CID and target page URL in the post. It’s also a good idea to link a blog post to your GMB post, this has been shown to increase rankings. Aim for 3 - 4 post per day.

Something that i learned is to make post in groups and then inner-link their URL’s to each other. Share your post url’s in social media or blog posts.

Local Citations:

When building local citations, you should point links to the top citations and build up their domain authority. It's good to have the top citations with high DA pointing to your target site. Try to build niche and locally relevant citations.

Citation Sources:

List Of General Citations:

Local / Niche Citations:

Citation Building Group:


Google My Maps

Constructing a “My Maps” is a powerful way to use a Google property to show local relevance. You can use your map to provide information about your business and even add driving directions from various places around your town to your business. These My Maps and driving directions even have links that can be shared or even embedded via html code.

Example Map:

Adding driving directions to My Maps from landmarks and points of interest around town helps you rank in the 3-pack.

Press Releases

Press releases are a great way to build your brand and drive local relevance. During the first few weeks of google my business optimization you can use press releases to build brand authority by driving links to the CID number and even your main page website.

Niche / Geo Micro-Net Building

A mini network is a website built on a Web 2.0 platform such as wordpress, the purpose of this site is to drive drive relevant and niche relevant links to your CID & main website url.

Key Points:

  • Make the network as relevant to the target city or town as possible.

  • Include local news and information.

  • Send out links to the official city or town government page.

  • Out-link to google properties such as google maps for a local landmarks and roads.

  • Building at least a thousand word article for each page, and at the bottom of the page a link to your CID, Google My Business share URL, and your main page.

Here is a good example of a micro-network:

Links And Resources


Web 2.0s:


Press Release:

Citations by Niche/Category:

Link | Page Index Checker:


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